Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wet N' Wild's Just Peachy / 903C ❤ Swatches, Review

This past week, Rite Aid hosted a 40% off sale of Wet and Wild and a few other brands. I figured this was as good a time as any to pick up a few more Wet and Wild lipsticks, since the first two I reviewed had become staples in my collection.

I actually picked up three - one I bought for a friend, and a second I ended up giving  to a friend after we went back and discovered I had taken the last of that exact shade, so that's why this review is only covering one lipstick. 

I'm going to tell you guys straight up - this color doesn't look very good on me. I bought it in hopes of trying to find a more nude-ish color for myself, but I should have paid more attention to the actual name of the lipstick.

Full review and more pictures after the jump!

"Just Peachy" is a cool-toned light peach-pink that can best be described as a creamy matte. This color applies pretty opaquely, but can be built up. I went over my qualms with this particular type of Wet and Wild lipstick packaging in my first post, and this tube isn't any different - the cap is difficult to get off, and it's very likely you'll end up scraping the sides of the lipstick in trying to put the cap back on. This lipstick has no scent.

This picture was taken with no flash against a white background to show the swatch and the color in the tube. In many of these photos, "Just Peachy" goes in-between pink and peach, depending on the lighting that it's in.

This swatch was taken with flash, and is very true to color. 

This was taken with flash, and shows the creamy consistency of the lipstick.

This was taken in natural, cloudy lighting without flash.

As you can see, this isn't a color I would have normally gone for, had I known it was going to be so peach on me. It does apply well, with some tugging on the lips and it can be prone to build-up if it isn't applied carefully. If I can, I may return this product, otherwise I may keep it and use it on other people, or try and find someone else who can wear it better than I can. 
With my pale complexion, this color does nothing for me, especially with it being so cool-toned. It simply washes me out/makes me look dead. This would definitely be a good color for those with warmer complexions, or a darker skin tone, I think.

These lipsticks from Wet n Wild normally retail at $1.99.

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